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Talent Strategy
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    Talent strategy in line with "the quality and efficiency, production efficiency, cost efficiency, professional enterprise establishment, management and personnel, to benefit to the quality of development, to the institutional mechanisms to productivity" business principles, process, equipment, safety three horse racing together bridle to bridle.

    As the company hardware facilities and the construction of soft environment of continuous improvement, to attract more overseas talent and industry professional and technical personnel, to build the company internationalization and technical talent team in Pyramid.

    Talent team training, always adhere to the "focus on Talents Cultivation of talents cultivating," the principle of priority. According to "the core talent, talent, focus on employees" targeted training and promotion.

    To build "big chemical training management mode of iron triangle", based on "quality education, professional ability and quality training" as the main line, still adhere to the internal training, always adhere to the project promotion and job skills assessment as the basis, to the cultivation of professional technology company through the "production, learning and research," the school enterprise cooperation projects, develop a solid foundation of knowledge, the core team of technical innovation ability.

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