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Enterprise culture
Enterprise culture
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  "One, Two, Three, Four, Five" Culture
One Idea: Innovation and change
Mechanism innovation, institutional innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and cultural innovation

Two Goals: To equip China and to equip the world

To equip the development of China's electrical energy business and to transport China's advanced electricity technologies to the world

Three Missions:
Making our clients satisfied: Taking the right attitude and respecting our clients;
Conducting deep investigations and understanding our clients;
Doing our best to satisfy our clients;
Providing value-added services to move our clients.
Making our staff reassured: Letting every employee fully display his talents and trusting the staff;
Administer the staff by virtue and educating the staff;
Sharing success and encouraging the staff;
Sharing value and uniting the staff.
Making our shareholders relieved: Attracting shareholders with outstanding performance;
Standardizing operation and being honest with our shareholders;
Rewarding our shareholders with added value;
Reassuring our shareholders with sustainable growth.
Four Spirits: Hardwork: Pioneering, progressive and enterprising
Fighting: United, cooperative and brave to take on heavy responsibilities
Dedication: Managing life and pursuing excellence
Learning: Transcendence, innovation and change
Five World Views:
Honesty is the basis: Honesty is the cornerstone of the company—the culture of mountain

Change is the way: Innovation and change lead to the development of the company—the culture of water

Health leads to growth: Health is the company’s forever pursuit—the culture of tree

Simplicity leads to clearness: Simplicity is the company’s way of action—the culture of light

Harmony leads to prosperity: Harmony and solidarity between employees and the employer ensures the company's development-the culture of harmony

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