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    As a leading solar-grade polysilicon manufacturer and photovoltaic project developer, Xinte Energy Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a provider of environment and new energy business systems and green intelligent solutions for China and the world and popularizing clean energy continuously and effectively.

    In the production of polysilicon, the company focuses on the development of new polysilicon that is environmentally friendly and economical, strives to transform the light resource advantage into new high-tech products and continuously improves solar cell efficiency, optimizing the integrated power generation cost of photovoltaic power stations and allowing renewable energy to enter innumerable households.

   We possess large-scale and the most advanced polysilicon production facilities, 2×350MW backup power plant, leading technologies and production efficiency and considerable effect of scale economies and cost advantage. At present, the company has developed the polysilicon production capacity with the design capacity of 15 thousand tons per year and has realized safe over production through technology upgrading and process improvement, with the actual output reaching 20 thousand tons per year.

    In terms of the polysilicon output in 2014, the company ranks second in China and fifth in the world.

    In the development of wind and light resources, the company conducts the development of clean energy with EPC, PC, BT and BOO models: Under the EPC and PC models, the company acts as the contractor in charge of the design, materials, equipment procurement, construction, equipment installation and project testing and adjustment for the whole project; under the BT model, through setting up project company as a subsidiary company, the company acts as the project investor in charge of the development of wind and light resources at the early stage of the project, financing and project construction during the project, transferring the stock right of the project company to the buyer and recovering the construction, subcontracting and financing cost related to the BT project after grid connection and power generation. The BOO model is the new and key development direction of the company in the future. The company gains stable cash flow and revenues from the sale of electricity through running wind and light resources projects. Currently, the company has 3 BOO projects under construction, with the power totalling 450MW (300MW of wind power and 150MW of photovoltaic power). The projects are expected to be connected to the grid for power generation and yield stable revenues in 2016. The company will continuously expand the operation scale of wind and light resources in the future.

    In the field of photovoltaic resources development, in terms of the completed installed capacity in 2014, the company ranks first in China; in terms of the installed capacity completed and in construction in 2014, the company ranks second in the world.

    Through development for many years, the company has formed the main business structure with the development service of clean energy such as light energy and wind energy as the core and has been focusing on providing the clients with reliable and efficient clean energy solutions integrating project development, investment and financing, design, testing and adjustment, operation and maintenance. As a leading project constractor in the photovoltaic industry, the company has accumulated rich industry experience and technical expertise in photovoltaic and wind power engineering, possesses comprehensive supply chain management systems and advanced equipment and resource database, and thus is able to provide secure, stable and reliable design solutions for the clients according to their demands and generate maximum value while improving power generation efficiency. With multiple research centers and advanced testing laboratories in Xinjiang and Xi'an, we undertake scientific research projects at national or provincial level, which further enhances our competitive advantage in the business of wind and light resources development. 

     Meanwhile, the company expands the business of wind and light resources development abroad and implements the national policy of "One Belt, One Road", promoting the cooperation between the Asian emerging economies in the development of the renewable energy industry. In 2015, the company completed the construction of the 100MW large photovoltaic project in Pakistan, creating conditions for expanding businesses in Pakistan and other countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road. Currently, the company's marketing team is actively expanding international businesses in Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ecuador, Chile and other regions.

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