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    Fumed silica is commonly known as fumed white carbon black. It is a white, poisonless, tasteless and formless inorganic fine chemical product prepared through the pyrohydrolysis of chlorosilane in oxyhydrogen flame. Its average primary particle diameter is about 7 to 40 nm; the aggregation particle diameter is about 200 to 500 nm; the specific surface area is 50 to 380m2/g. It has high product purity, with the SiO2 content higher than 99.8%. With small particle diameter, large specific surface area and high surface activity, it is widely applied to the fields of rubber, coating materials, adhesives, oil paint, printing ink, plastics, cosmetics, agriculture and medicine, having good effects of reinforcement, thickening, thixotropy, extinction, UV resistance and sterilization.

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