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    Polysilicon is a form of silicon with gray metallic luster. With the density between 2.32-2.34, the melting point at 1410℃ and the boiling point at 2355℃, polysilicon is soluble in the mixed acid of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid and is insoluble in water, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. With the hardness between that of germanium and that of quartz, it is brittle at room temperature and is fragile when being cut. It has ductility when heated to over 800℃ and shows obvious deformation when heated to 1300℃. It is inactive at normal temperature and reacts with oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc. at high temperature. When melting at high temperature, it has higher chemical activity and acts with almost any material. With semiconductor property, it is a distinctly important good semiconductor material, the raw material for preparing single silicon and solar cells, and the cornerstone of the global electronic industry and photovoltaic industry.
    According to the difference in purity requirements, it is divided into metallurgical grade, solar grade and electronic grade. Applied to national military projects, national defence equipment, railway and highway construction and remote pasturing areas without electricity, solar-grade polysilicon reduces energy consumption, improves efficiency and accelerates the promotion and popularization of green and clean energy. It solves the living problems such as drinking water and illumination of the farmers and herdsmen in remote areas that are not covered by the large power grid, effectively serving the construction of an energy-saving and environment friendly society.
    Electronic-grade polysilicon is mainly applied to large aircraft manufacturing, extra high voltage direct current converter transformers, electronic information, aerospace and other fields, effectively improving the localization level of China's equipment manufacturing. Electronic-grade polysilicon has become an important guarantee of the development of the national new high-tech industry and the improvement of the technological level, and has a strategic significance for national economic development and progress.

                                     Performance Indexes of Polysilicon

Electronic-grade first class polysilicon
Solar-grade first class polysilicon
Phosphorus-based resistivity (Ω·cm)
carbon concentration×1016atoms/cm3
Minority carrier lifetime (μs)
Structure and surface quality
No oxidized interlayer/no dirt on the surface
No oxidized interlayer/no dirt on the surface

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