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Resource Development
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    As a contractor of photovoltaic and wind power projects, our company is able to provide comprehensive energy solutions for photovoltaic and wind power projects, including engineering design, consultation, construction, testing and adjustment, operation and maintenance. In addition, the company designs and implements project solutions that meet the demands of our clients, and is able to realize value maximization while improving power generation efficiency.


    In 2014, the installed capacity (664.7 MW) of our completed photovoltaic projects ranks first in China and the installed capacity (1,279.3 MW) of our photovoltaic projects completed and in construction ranks second in the world. Our outstanding track record and the long-term business relationship with various suppliers, clients and local government bodies win us more and more contracting jobs as well as the right to develop multiple photovoltaic and wind power projects. According to the demands of our clients, our service mainly adopts the following.

Contracting Models:
EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)
    In this contracting model, we act as the contractor in charge of the whole process of measurement, design, materials, equipment procurement, construction, equipment installation and project testing and adjustment. The EPC contractor is accountable to the project owner for the quality, security and on-time delivery of the project.

BT (Building and Transfer)
    Based on the BT model, through setting up project companies as subsidiary companies, the company acts as the project investor in charge of the financing and development of relevant BT projects. Before receiving any payment to make up for the expense, we have to employ our own cashes and loans to provide funds for engineering, procurement, construction and other work. The project company would conclude a service contract with us in accordance with similar clauses of the EPC and PC contracting models so as to carry out engineering, procurement and construction. At different development stages of the BT projects or after the projects are completed and connected to the grid for power generation, we transfer our stock right in the project company to the buyer and recover our construction, subcontracting and financing cost related to the BT projects.

BOO (Build, Own and Operate)
    BOO is a key developmental business of the company in the future. We conduct design, construction and operation of high-quality wind and light resources and sell the electricity generated from such projects to the power grid, thus gaining stable cash flow and revenues. Currently, we have high-quality wind and light resources with preferable grid connection conditions in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and northwest regions of China. We expect the total installed capacity of such projects in either 2015 or 2016 to be no less than 450 MW.
    Meanwhile, we consider that focusing on the upstream and downstream parts of the photovoltaic industry creates huge business collaboration effect. We have built strategic relationship with clients of polysilicon production and engineering construction contracting businesses to share more business opportunities in the whole photovoltaic industry value chain. For example: Many of our clients in the polysilicon business, including the Chinese manufacturers of integrated photovoltaic products, are also our photovoltaic modules suppliers for the photovoltaic contracting projects; some other photovoltaic enterprises are also the photovoltaic projects' operators who engage us to be their general contractor; some of our BT projects have been transferred and sold to the China's large state-owned power generation enterprises and several integrated photovoltaic enterprises who afterwards engaged us as the EPC contractor to develop photovoltaic and wind power generation projects. As we build relations with clients at different links of the photovoltaic industry, we can better satisfy the clients' needs and improve the customer loyalty.
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