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    We also produce and support equipment used in photovoltaic projects, with the inverters as the main products (The production facility is located in Xi'an, China). As a key component of photovoltaic projects, inverters take charge of transferring the direct current output by photovoltaic cells into alternating current which can be transported into commercial power grid for use.
    By the end of 2014, our inverters have the design capacity of 1500 MW and the output of 1349 MW, ranking second in the domestic manufacturers of inverters. Moreover, the inverters developed by the company have won various big prizes in professional fields in China for many times.
    Relying on our leading market position and rich experience in providing engineering construction contracting services for renewable energy projects, our inverters production business focuses on producing high-quality and high-efficiency inverters equipment, is able to provide customization service according to our clients' demands, and can be promoted and marketed along with our engineering construction contracting service.

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