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Letter of Thanks
To Vehicle Control Center of New Special Energy Co., Ltd.:
    At 2:30, January 24, 2014, when she was asleep in the staff dormitory of the New Special Energy Co., Ltd., Zeng Feng, my pregnant wife felt uneasy and her stomach ached. She was so helpless that she called her department leader, Qiu Yanmei, who's also the Deputy Director of the Quality Inspection Center. When Deputy Director Qiu got the phone call, the first thing came to her mind was the company's Vehicle Control Center. So she ignored the fact that it was real late in the night and called Shi Jun, the Director of the Vehicle Control Center. At that time, the Director was already asleep, but when hearing the pregnant woman's emergency and needed to be sent to the hospital, he was suddenly awake. And he told that he would send a vehicle as soon as possible. In two minutes, the phone rang, and he said with no hesitation: "Call 666822, Mr. Yang Jinlong. He'll be there in 10 minutes." Director Qiu called Mr. Yang instantly and Mr. Yang replied with no hesitation that he would be waiting for my wife at the dorm in 10 minutes. Before my wife packed up her things, Mr. Yang had arrived and he even helped carrying the things and opening the car door. After she had been seated, seeing the painful expression on the face of my wife, Mr. Yang talked to her while driving to distract her from her pain.Half an hour later, they arrived at the hospital. And we hadn't arrived yet, so he let my wife wait in the car, and he went to inquire about where the Obstetrics and Gynecology was, who the duty doctor was, how to deal with the emergency like this and so on. After getting all the information, he went back to the car. My parents and I arrived just then. Mr. Yang and I carried my wife to the Examination Room, during which process he informed me quickly and clearly which floor should I go and which doctor should I go to. I was so surprised and grateful. I didn't expect that the seemingly careless man would do things like this. But when I came out from the Examination Room, Mr. Yang had left the hospital and I didn't get the chance to thank him for what he did.
    Forty minutes later, my son was born. Holding the baby in our arms, we said: "Thanks to Mr. Yang's timely delivery, otherwise our baby would have to come to the world in the company or on the way to the hospital and the baby's mother might also be in dangerous." The whole family was so happy!
    In order to show my gratitude to the Vehicle Control Center of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd.and Mr. Yang, I wrote this letter to also thank the people who warm others' heart and help others, especially the Quality Inspection Center and Mr. Yang who helped us so much!The deed of the Vehicle Control Center made us feel the friendship and affection of the siblings in the big family of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd.We sincerely express our thanks to the company's Vehicle Control Center!
I wish the people in the Vehicle Control Center of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd.happy New Year and the best to you and your families!
                                                                      The husband of Zeng Feng: Qin Lulu
                                                                                        January 24, 2014
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